St. Bernard


St. Bernard

St. Bernard

Kerry Grant
I had a cold recently and thought, "I wonder what it would be like to spruce up my TheraFlu™ with some booze"? This is the result of my musings. It's super quick and easy, and that's what we need when we don't feel well.
Did you know that cocktails started out as medicine? According to Matthew Rowley, who wrote Lost Recipes of Prohibition: Notes from a Bootlegger’s Manual, this tradition may have started as early as A.D. 77. Back then, one of the Emperor Nero's doctors wrote down some instructions for mixing medicines with different types of alcohol. Thank you, Nero's doctor.
Again, I only play a doctor on TV, so don't listen to me (or Nero's doctor, for that matter). It might be bad for you to put alcohol in your medicine, so try it at your own risk. I thought it was great, but you may be different. Definitely DO NOT drink alcohol with any medications unless you've talked to your doctor about it.
Anyway, I've called this one the St. Bernard in honor of the majestic dog. They were first bred for rescue work in Switzerland, by monks at the hospice of Saint Bernard of Menthon. I always picture a St. Bernard with the iconic barrel tied around its neck, ready to deliver brandy to some poor, lost mountain climber.
Food pairing: when I don't feel well, I always want crackers. How about All Day I Dream About Food's Toasted Sesame Crackers?
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  • 1 envelope TheraFlu™ granulated cold and flu medicine I used the Nighttime version with lemon, chamomile, and white tea.
  • 8 oz. hot water Don't use boiling water or you might reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • 1 oz. brandy You could also use rum, cognac, whiskey, or whatever else you prefer.


  • Open the envelope of medicine and pour the contents into your favorite mug.
  • Add the hot water and stir to dissolve.
  • Add the brandy and stir again.
  • Maybe you're too ill to garnish; if not, try a cinnamon stick or wedge of lemon.


There are a lot of different varieties of TheraFlu™ out there, so make sure you're getting one that's low-carb. I found nutritional information for a few of them on MyFitnessPal, but if you use another brand or variety your numbers might differ. 


Serving: 1Calories: 154kcalFat: 0gProtein: 0gNet Carbs: 0g
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