Frequently Asked Questions

Why low-carb cocktails?

No dramatic story. I'm on the Keto plan and wanted to drink more than just gin and soda. I started experimenting with sugar-free syrups and other ingredients, then started making my own. I tried them out in cocktails and thought, hey, other people might want to try these, too.

Who is ModCocktailer for?

ModCocktailer is great if you're diabetic, or if you're on eating plans like Atkins, Keto, low-sugar, low-carb, or anti-inflammatory. It's a great resource if you have health concerns and want to reduce your sugar intake. But I think it's relevant for anyone, healthy or not, who wants to have a tasty cocktail without all the sugar and carbs. 

Where do you get your nutritional information?

I go to MyFitnessPal and Cronometer for the most common liquors and ingredients, FatSecret for less common liquors and ingredients, and Small Axe Inc. for hard-to-find liqueurs.

Why Mod? What is a ModCocktailer?

I'm referencing a Mid Century Modern aesthetic. But no, I'm not taking it seriously. For me, it's mainly 50's – 70's design with a touch of nostalgia and my tongue firmly in my cheek. I love the minimalism and optimism and positivism of 50's design. I love the colors and sense of humor of Mid Century Modern design. It's a metaphor for how I’m approaching cocktails: with a sense of fun and playfulness. I'm focusing on enjoyment, not winning a Diageo World Class award.

Where is all your advertising? I miss all the videos and newsletter signup boxes popping up in front of my face while I'm trying to read your recipes.

Yeah, I apologize. I know how much fun it is to spend time scrolling down a three-foot recipe page with videos popping up in your face and ad windows flashing hither and thither. 

But I'm afraid my philosophy is to get straight to the content. I'm not above making a buck, but seriously, my main purpose for creating ModCocktailer is to give everyone a fun, enjoyable experience. You'll just have to live without the pop-ups, my friends. 

What's your favorite liquor?

Probably gin. I love the infinite variety of it, the florals and citruses and pines and tigers and bears, oh my! There is always something new to notice and enjoy about gin, and mixers just add variety to all that variety.

And rum is probably coming up on the outside, again because there is so much variety and so much to learn and taste there.  

OK, but what's your favorite BRAND of gin?

You can't make me choose between my sweet, sweet darlings. I won't do it. 

Have you really tried all of these cocktails yourself?

Yes. Granted, I've been developing these recipes for a long time, but yes, I need to taste them all to make sure I like them. If I don't like it, I don't post the recipe.