ModCocktailer on Sweeteners

cocktail sugar substitutes

Friends, there are a lot of people out there who know more about sugar alternatives than I do. Here are a few of them if you want to do more research: Dr. Eric Berg Keto Connect Thomas DeLauer My purpose in talking about alternative sweeteners is to cover the ones that work well in cocktails. So buckle up and read on: Stevia Stevia is a natural sweetener, meaning that it’s made from plants we…

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A True Story with an Excellent Moral

ready glasses cocktail recipes

Not all of my posts will be cocktail-related. Read on for a funny, true story with a moral. Back in the 90’s, my friend and I were traveling to New York for a trade show. We hopped in a cab, because tech companies could still afford that back in the 90’s. Halfway across the Queensboro Bridge, that cab got a flat and we rolled to a stop…in the fast lane. People honked, swerved, and gave…

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Low-Carb Drinks You Can Order at a Bar – ModCocktailer

low carb cocktails at bar

As I’m writing this, the Coronavirus has us firmly in its grip and there’s no end in sight. In anticipation of more widespread health and safer drinking-out conditions, I want to provide some suggestions for lower-carb, lower-sugar drinks you can order if and when you’re ready to brave the bars again. How can you keep the sugar at bay without pissing off the bartender with your myriad requirements? Shots and Highballs As you may know…

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